Friday, January 15, 2016


Today my elder brother Rahul Bile asked me a question :

What brings happiness to you in real sense ? What is that makes you happy ? 

He didn't tell me the reason for asking this question, but it really made me think about myself. What I am? What are the things that really makes me happy?

I thought about it while I was traveling from my office to home and Here was my answer after thinking for an hour :

Whenever I feel fear inside me, that the laugh I just had will not gonna stay longer with me. Whenever I feel sadness inside me, that I believe in something and its not happening to me. 

Now, a voice inside me says that, "I need to spend some time with myself. I need to be with me. I need to talk to me about the things that makes me happy."

After some time, I get all my faith back and there is a smile on my face. That smile is Happiness for me.

For me Happiness is: 
- When my Mother hugs me and kisses me on my forehead.
- When my Father calls me and says, "Kaisa hai? Ye le apni Mummy se baat kar." 
- When my Sister irritates me.
- When my Brother pings me, "Oye Chote, kya haal chaal?"
- When my Best Friends makes fun of me.
- When I beat a strong player after getting too many defeats (in chess).
- When my colleague don't laugh on my nonsense but laugh on my explanation.
- When someone smiles at me for no reason.
- When I go on a trip at some natural place with my friends.

There are a lot of reason to cry for, and more than a lot to be happy. But I respect my feelings, whether I am happy, sad, angry or in fear. Sometimes, I behave childish and sometimes, I behave like mature. Because of these feelings, I get to know about myself. I understand the values of everyone and everything I have in my life.

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